PayByPhone launches PayByPhone Business – an easy way to simplify fleet management

Hatfield, Hertfordshire, 19 October 2021 – PayByPhone, the global leader in mobile parking payments, has launched PayByPhone Business, a solution designed to simplify parking for fleet managers and companies with on-the-go workforces.


PayByPhone Business brings a company’s parking under one easy-to-use, centralised system so fleet managers have visibility over all parking activity in a simple solution – one app and one interactive dashboard.


Adam Dolphin, Sales Director for PayByPhone UK, says, “At PayByPhone we are all about simplifying the journey for our clients. And our business customers managing fleets of vehicles are no exception. We understand the different challenges they face, and that’s why we developed PayByPhone Business. Using our intuitive technology to streamline the management of drivers, vehicles and parking payments, we can help busy fleet managers save time and money.”


PayByPhone Business is scalable, so there is no limit to the numbers of drivers a company can add to the system, and for added convenience, they can be added in bulk. Fleet managers can add, remove and authorise drivers and vehicles easily. Payment can be made from one credit card for all drivers for maximum simplicity. And for added security, once a driver or vehicle is deleted, the associated business payment card will immediately be unlinked from that driver’s PayByPhone account, safeguarding the corporate account.


With the detailed Reporting Suite, PayByPhone Business users have real-time visibility of who is parking where and when. Multiple reports are available including historical reports and full VAT reports. It is also possible to have multiple admins on the account.


“Authorised fleet drivers also benefit from PayByPhone Business as they pay for their parking in just 15 seconds using the PayByPhone app – that’s a 75% faster transaction time than with other payment methods. Drivers no longer need to be out of pocket and keep track of receipts, eliminating that headache for the driver. And it also streamlines the usually time-consuming monthly expense reports for fleet administrators.”


And for companies who take the grey fleet approach – where employees use personal vehicles for business purposes – PayByPhone Business flexible enough that grey fleet drivers can simply switch between business and personal payment cards on the PayByPhone app when they park, ensuring business and personal expenditure is kept separate.


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About PayByPhone


PayByPhone’s aim is simple: simplify your journey so you can focus on what matters most. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, we are one of the fastest growing mobile payments companies in the world, processing more than £430 million in payments and over 5 million downloads per year. Available in more than 1,000 cities across the globe, PayByPhone helps millions of consumers easily and safely pay for parking without the hassles of coins, queues or fines. Our smart, intuitive technology is at the centre of our user-first approach, delivered to make everything as simple as possible. Our multi-award-winning environmental initiatives, our Carbon Neutral status since 2019 and our cashless ethos, all contribute to helping us and our clients on the green journey in this interconnected world. For more information, please visit

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