Woman paying for parking with her mobile phone
Woman paying for parking with her mobile phone

Parking made simple

How to use the PayByPhone app to pay for parking

No cash

Thanks to our easy-to-use app, you never have to worry about having cash or finding the right change. Just enter how long you want to park for. Simple. 

Clever alerts

No more hassle of parking tickets, thanks to our clever alerts. Get notified before your parking session is due to expire, so you never have to risk a fine. 
Man in car parking for parking on his mobile phone using the PayByPhone app
Woman walking looking at mobile phone

Extend your parking

If your meeting runs long, or the conversation at lunch is just too good to leave, you never have to run back to the car to top up your parking session again. Just top up the time on our app. 
Find parking icon

Find parking

Find parking areas before you set off with our Maps feature. You can pin your location once parked, too. 
No need to queue icon

No need to queue

You never have to line up to pay at a parking machine again when you use our app. Simply park, pay and get on with your day. 
Find nearby locations icon

Nearby locations

You don’t have to worry about figuring out which location code you’ve parked at. Our app simply generates a list of nearby locations so you can pick which one you’re at. 

Simplifying your journey

We know you have better things to worry about than paying for your parking. You face challenges every day, and we ensure that paying for parking isn’t one of them. Our smart, intuitive technology delivers a world-class digital payment experience for millions of drivers, every day.