Discover Car Contents Insurance

You can now easily add car contents insurance to your parking session, protecting your valuables without any excess or increases to your existing car insurance (only available on iOS).
You can now add insurance when you pay for parking via the PayByPhone app, thanks to our trusted partner, Chubb. As an internationally renowned insurance company, we protect your personal belongings and windows against theft and damage during your parking.
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Our priority is to simplify your journey, so you can focus on what matters most. Ease your mind while parking with PayByPhone during:
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The advantage of our insurance

No impact on your primary car insurance

Our insurance offers you the additional coverage, so you are less likely to need to claim for such losses on your main insurance that might affect your no claims bonus.

Protection of contents and vehicle damage

Your personal belongings and broken side and rear window glass are covered up to £2,000 per claim. Learn more

No excess

There is no excess to pay when reporting your claim.

Adding insurance in 2 clicks

You can add this insurance at the same time as you pay for your parking via the PayByPhone app. Learn more

Accessible insurance

The cost of insurance is based on the duration of your parking.

Simple to report

You can report your claim in just a few steps, directly on the Chubb online portal.

PayByPhone Car Contents Insurance

Your car is precious, but so is what’s inside!
When you leave valuable objects in the boot of your car, the glove box or simply in the passenger seat: don't panic, you are protected!

What is covered

  • Theft of your personal belongings
  • Repair or replacement of broken side and rear windows
  • Up to £2,000 per claim
  • No excess
  • No penalty on your car insurance

What is not covered

  • Car equipment and accessories*
  • Objects that do not belong to you or your passenger(s)
  • Pets
  • Objects placed on luggage racks or in roof boxes
  • Any other damage to the car body other than repair or replacement of broken side and rear windows.
* Such as (but not limited to) exterior mirrors, entertainment systems, navigation systems, roof bars, catalytic converters, wheels and hubcaps, on-board cameras...

Purchasing Car Contents Insurance could not be simpler!

At the same time as you pay for your parking via the PayByPhone app.
Step 1

Add insurance to your parking session

On the summary screen, you can add insurance by activating the option.The amount of insurance will change depending on the duration chosen. The insurance premium covers the nearest 15-minute interval (rounded up to the nearest quarter hour) including your parking time.

NB: The maximum parking time to benefit from insurance for your car is 48 hours.
Add Insurance to your parking : step 1
Step 2

Confirm & Add Insurance

Your email address will be requested so that we can send you the associated insurance documents.
Add Insurance to your parking : step 2
Step 3

Pay & Park

And There you go ! You are insured for the entire duration of your parking!
Your current parking session will show that you are insured. You will immediately receive a confirmation email with all the documents relating to your insurance.
Add Insurance to your parking : step 3
Step 4

Extend your session.

You will receive a new email with the parking end time and updated insurance amount. At the end of your parking session, you will be debited with the insurance premium and your parking fee (separately) corresponding to the final end time.
Please note: When you extend your parking, the insurance is automatically extended and cannot be cancelled.
Add Insurance to your parking : step 4


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